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Plastics Technology & Expertise for

Sustainable, Effective & Profitable Solutions

First – Recognize

We Need to Face the Indisputable Facts

  • The Plague of Plastics Waste is Real
  • Our Recycling Rates are Dismal
  • We Have Been Ineffective Stewards of the Industry
  • The Current Status is Clearly Unsustainable
  • Plastics is an Amazing Material – If it’s Not Wasted


Next – Decide

We Need to Take Ownership

The fact is that we have created the plastics plague and we are the only ones who can implement the cure. This requires the commitment of all of us in implementing a holistic and iterative approach to the goal of zero waste. Each of us can and must focus on their respective area of responsibility make a tangible difference today and support the collaborative vision of tomorrow. Make it better – Everyday !

Now the Choice is Yours

Continue the current unsustainable path until legislators implement bans, laws and taxes rather than do nothing.

Implement a Greenwashing strategy and systematically ignore the problem by pretending to recycle or use materials that look green but are not.

Take the Zero Waste Pledge and Make a Difference. Commit to a holistic approach for your scope of supply and embrace a long-term vision but take short term action. Collaborate with all stakeholders and utilize the experience and talent of industry professionals.


Then – Get Started

Make it Better – Everyday

Make no mistake about it, we understand that sustainable also means “financially sustainable”. It will cost money but there can be savings from cutting waste and improved efficiency to offset the expense.

If you really want to make a difference, take ownership in our industry and make a commitment to Zero Waste – We can help.

Welcome to Intertech RX



Start in your own facility and objectively determine where you are with zero waste.

What we can do for you


We do a holistic and comprehensive analysis of the state of your current zero waste initiative. We identify the potential improvements and establish the priority for execution.


We provide a roadmap to achieving zero waste success through an iterative process with measurable goals. We provide a stage-gate document to provide monetized results and paybacks.


We use a 5-level measurement system and provide certification to prevent complacency and eliminate Greenwashing. We ensure that incentives are provided for reaching specific milestones based on reality.

Technology – expertise

Cure the Plastics Plague and Make a Difference.

InterTech Rx, LLC was first founded in by Rick Shaffer in 2010 and reloaded 2019. “Technology is the key to productivity and sustainability. Having an objective, holistic approach is the only way to make a difference.  It will cost money and it won’t happen overnight, but we need to save our industry – in turn we help save the planet”.

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