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Press Release

Reloaded: InterTech Rx

Technology – Expertise for Sustainable Solutions to Address Profitability & Environmental Concerns.

Chandler (USA, AZ), 15. September 2019

Rick Shaffer has restarted InterTech Rx, LLC. With his technology and experience in the plastics industry, he wants to focus on the pressing “Plastics Plague“ by collaborating to provide effective solutions to the needs of a circular economy.

InterTech Rx, LLC was first founded in by Rick Shaffer in 2010, to improve productivity and profitability by developing innovative and practical solutions for companies in the plastics industry. The industry veteran is leveraging his extensive know-how and decades long experience in plastics machinery and production systems. Now, Shaffer is expanding his scope to also include using his competence to provide a competitive advantage in key markets addressing economic and ecologic issues.


Services in the context of Sustainability.


For far too long, the plastics industry has claimed that plastics damaging the environment is mostly one of perception. The “Plastics Plague” segment of 60 Minutes demonstrated that plastics waste is a real and massive problem. Plastics waste and microparticles are found everywhere including the oceans, rainwater and even microorganisms. The impact on the environment is indisputable, says Shaffer. Shaffer believes “We created the problem; we need to take ownership and fix the problem” and is calling for the industry to move the needle toward Zero Waste. “Too many of us think that embracing the principal Reduce, Reuse and Recycle alone will somehow change the situation. Greenwashing will not get it done”. The key is knowing which will really work and above all how to effectively implement the solution. According to Shaffer, “Technology is the key to productivity and sustainability. Having an objective, holistic approach is the only way to make a difference. It will cost money and it won’t happen overnight, but we need to save our industry – in turn we help save the planet”. Shaffer wants to help companies navigate the maze of potential solutions and choose the best and most cost-effective way to start.

Shaffer sees and increased demand for a variety of sustainable solutions for medical and packaging products. Many companies have cut back on internal resources and are now missing both know-how and experience. His goal is to fill in the gap left since the need remains. Whether it is in the area of strategic planning, productivity improvement, product improvement or M&A support, “having ideas and visions is important. Knowing what really works and how to implement it is essential for turning dreams into reality”.

His many years of international experience – particularly for effective, practical solutions in the medical and packaging branches – will be interesting for growth oriented companies.